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Digital Activities Repository – Puzzles for Distance Learning

I’ve been blogging for over nine years now. And, those nine years have been full of resource sharing. Now, it feels like the tables have turned with the pandemic. Instead of me sharing resources with you guys, I keep getting all these emails, DMs, tweets, etc full of links to virtual/digital versions of the activities I’ve blogged about over the years. This has been amazing, but I haven’t done a very good job of organizing all these links. I especially haven’t done a good job of sharing them. As a result, many of you are recreating the same activities over and over. So, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog post to sharing links to these digital versions of activities that have been shared with me. Hopefully this will save you some time and prevent someone from reinventing the wheel over and over again.

Have you digitized one of my activities? Send me a link, and I’ll add it to the post! Mega thanks to everyone who has been creating activities and sharing them. I *think* I included all the links that people sent me. If I missed one of them, please send it again so I can include it.

Question Stacks

Farica Erwin has created a page on her blog that is chock full of digital question stacks. Thank you so much for sharing! Can we just bask in her amazing organization skills as well?!?

While you’re at it, check out her card sorts, too!

Building Polynomials

Liz Mastalio has digitized my Building Polynomials Activity. Check out the digital version of the building and naming polynomials puzzle in Google Slides.

Polynomial Division Using the Box Method

Liz Mastalio has also digitized this activity to help introduce students to the box method. You can download Liz’s digital version on Google Slides.

Twos to Nines Challenges

One of my most popular blog posts is a beginning of school activity I put together a few years ago called the Twos to Nines Challenge.

It has been turned into a Google Slides activity by Meghan Smeenk.

KellyLove shares a slightly different Google Slides version.

Scott McEwen has created Desmos versions of this activity as well. Each challenge is a separate Activity Builder.

Nine Squares Puzzle

Cathy Gloade has been busy at work creating digital versions of a ton of activities. Check out her entire collection including some from other sources here. You can read my original post about this activity here. And, check out Cathy’s Google Slides version.

Jennifer Massey has also created and shared a version of the Nine Squares Puzzle.

Nicole Barney has made a Jamboard version of this activity.

Make It Even

Cathy has created a Google Slides version of Make It Even as well. You can find Cathy’s Google Slides version here.

Twelve Envelopes Puzzle

Another popular beginning of year blog post of mine is the Twelve Envelopes Puzzle.

Check out Cathy‘s Google Slides Version.

Scott McEwen shared a Desmos version of the 12 Envelopes Puzzle with me as well. It’s modified from a version created by Nathaniel Highstein.

Sum to Twenty Puzzle

Cathy has also converted my Sum to Twenty Puzzle to a Google Slide Presentation.

Perfect Square Puzzle

Yup. We’re still not done with Cathy’s awesomeness. She has also converted the Perfect Square Puzzle to Google Slides.

That’s Logical Puzzles

I taught a Math Concepts class a few years ago for ninth graders who weren’t ready for Algebra 1. One of my favorite ongoing activities we did was the That’s Logical Puzzles. The book is out of print and hard to find, so I was super excited to see that Megan Ludwinski has made a Google Slides version of the puzzles.

Big Magic Puzzle

Last year, I shared a magic square puzzle called Big Magic. Tricia Stohr-Hunt has turned it into a Google Slides activity for you.

Build It Activity

Blue Crab Math blew my mind when she created a virtual version of Build It!

Check out her Google Slides version here.

5-4-3-2-1 Challenge

I love doing the 5-4-3-2-1 Challenge with dry erase pockets.

Ms. Tish has created a Google Sheets version.

Hidden Animals

So maybe this is cheating because it was already a digital activity. But I thought that it might be of interest to some of you since we are having to do so many things digitally now. Check out my Google Slides version of Frank Tapson’s Hidden Animals here. Students are given a sentence in which they must locate the name of a hidden animal.

8 Sticks Puzzle

I blogged a few weeks ago about a Google Slides version I created for the 8 Sticks Puzzle. You can find it here.

12 Basic Functions Challenge

I created the 12 Basic Functions Challenge to expose my Pre-Calc students to a wide variety of parent functions.

@hypertrig has created a digital version and is willing to share it. I don’t have a shareable link, unfortunately.

Factoring Monic Quadratics Activity

Last year, I created a factoring practice activity where students had to match the factors with the monic quadratics.

Elizabeth Provencal recreated it as a Google Slide Drag and Drop Activity.

Blocko Game

Blocko is one of my absolute favorite games to play with students when teaching probability.

Liz Mastalio created a Google Slides version for students to use as they play along.

Have more? Send them my way!

Jennifer Smillie

Wednesday 2nd of December 2020

I wanted to share this google slideshow I created around using algebra tiles to understand the completing the square algorithm.