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Monday Must Reads: Volume 69

It’s Monday which means I’ve officially survived an entire week of distance learning and it’s time for Monday Must Reads. One more week of distance learning until I get a full week off for Thanksgiving. I definitely need the break! Since it’s Monday, I thought I should share the latest volume of Monday Must Reads, my weekly-ish attempt at capturing the amazingness of the teachers I follow on Twitter. I hope you find at least one idea worth trying in your own classroom this week.

Monday Must Reads

Shape Fitting Puzzle

Check out this lovely puzzle task from Bethany Rosera.

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Online Learning Check-In

Also from Bethany Rosera, a creative way to check in with students who aren’t coming to your synchronous learning sessions.

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Sorting and Factoring Binomials Activity

Anna Vance shares an activity for sorting and factoring binomials.

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Systems of Equations with Post-It Notes

Samantha Hellessey engages students with a hands-on lesson involving simultaneous equations (systems of equations) and post-it notes. Very cool!

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Sigma Notation Joke

Teaching sigma notation? Check out this joke from toya.

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Desmos Check-In Slides

Casey shares some great check in slides to use with your desmos activities to help build class community during these crazy times.

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Bat Transformations in Desmos

Check out this creative transformations review from Mrs. Papetti that leads students through creating an awesome bat image in desmos.

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Volume Project with 3D Printing

Sarah Grant shares a very cool 3D printing activity that involves designing cakes with a specified volume.

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Graphing and Grass Seed

Also, check out how Sarah Grant makes math literally come alive for students.

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Quadratic Ball Toss Day

I love seeing the traditions that other teachers have in their classrooms. This quadratic ball toss activity from Todd Feitelson looks like a memorable one!

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Different Methods of Solving Equations

I found the comments on this thread by Jonathan Hall on equation solving to be quite interesting reading. I’m very much in the camp of A, but that’s just because it was all I was ever taught. I’ve never seen Method D written out that way. Very interesting!

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Unit Conversion Sorting Activity

Mr. Cawley shares an excellent starter for getting students thinking about unit conversions!

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Conics Project Posters

Kristen Fouss makes me really wish my school had a poster printer. Maybe that’s what I should write my next grant for… Anyway, check out her students’ awesome work with conics!

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Quadratics Open Middle Task

Lauren Hall shares an open middle task she wrote for quadratics.

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Student Designed Vocabulary Posters

Lorena Roberts shares some creative posters her students designed using Canva.

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Roller Coaster Design with Piecewise Functions

Another creative task from Lorena is this activity where students used piecewise functions to design their own roller coasters.

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Until next week, keep sharing your awesome ideas! Want even more ideas? I suggest checking out previous volumes of Monday Must Reads!

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Kayla Parlavecchio

Monday 16th of November 2020

I have read several of your blog posts, and the resources you have provided are so helpful. Thank you for sharing this post as well. There are so many wonderful ideas from this Monday's post, and definitely some new teachers I need to follow on Twitter!

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