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Always, Sometimes, or Never? Resources for Math Class

After successfully using Always, Sometimes, or Never? to help my students gain a better conceptual understanding of the measures of central tendency (link to blog post), I began to wonder what other math topics I could use the Always, Sometimes, or Never? structure with.

I spent part of an evening googling for resources.  I thought I should share my findings with you guys as well.  Have you used Always, Sometimes, or Never? to review other concepts?  Please leave a comment!

Algebraic Properties

  • Link 1 – LINK EXPIRED
  • Link 2 – LINK EXPIRED
  • Link 3 (Page 25)


Area and Perimeter


Evaluating Expressions



Linear Equations and Inequalities


Measures of Central Tendency



Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Points, Lines, and Planes


Rational and Irrational Numbers




Saturday 22nd of April 2017

A/S/N with systems of equations.... If two equations have the same slope, the system has no solution. If two equations have the same slope and y-intercept, the system has many solutions. If two equations have the same y-intercept, there is one solution.... etc.

Becky Hall

Monday 17th of April 2017

I love always,sometimes, never! I used a resource I found on TES and changed it into a Desmos activity for arithmetic sequences here:

Sarah Carter (@mathequalslove)

Tuesday 18th of April 2017

Thanks for sharing, Becky!


Tuesday 11th of April 2017

I have always, never, and sometimes with graphs of Quadratic Functions. It really makes students think beyond a choice of A, B, C and D


Saturday 8th of April 2017

Thank you for all of these awesome links! I will definitely be bookmarking this page. I have an always, sometimes, never on quadrilaterals here: