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Always, Sometimes, or Never? Resources for Math Class

After successfully using Always, Sometimes, or Never? to help my students gain a better conceptual understanding of the measures of central tendency (link to blog post), I began to wonder what other math topics I could use the Always, Sometimes, or Never? structure with.

speech bubbles featuring question marks with text: "always? sometimes? never?"

I spent part of an evening googling for resources.  I thought I should share my findings with you guys as well.  Have you used Always, Sometimes, or Never? to review other concepts?  Please leave a comment!

always sometimes or never questions over mean, median, mode, range.

Middle School Math Always Sometimes Never Activities



Rational and Irrational Numbers

Algebra Always Sometimes Never Activities

Algebraic Properties

  • Link 1 – LINK EXPIRED
  • Link 2 – LINK EXPIRED
  • Link 3 (Page 25)


Evaluating Expressions

Linear Equations and Inequalities


Geometry Always Sometimes Never Activities


Area and Perimeter


  • Link 1 – LINK EXPIRED
  • Link 2

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines




Statistics Always Sometimes Never Activities

Measures of Central Tendency

Miscellaneous Always Sometimes Never Activities

More Math Practice Activities


Saturday 22nd of April 2017

A/S/N with systems of equations.... If two equations have the same slope, the system has no solution. If two equations have the same slope and y-intercept, the system has many solutions. If two equations have the same y-intercept, there is one solution.... etc.

Becky Hall

Monday 17th of April 2017

I love always,sometimes, never! I used a resource I found on TES and changed it into a Desmos activity for arithmetic sequences here:

Sarah Carter (@mathequalslove)

Tuesday 18th of April 2017

Thanks for sharing, Becky!


Tuesday 11th of April 2017

I have always, never, and sometimes with graphs of Quadratic Functions. It really makes students think beyond a choice of A, B, C and D


Saturday 8th of April 2017

Thank you for all of these awesome links! I will definitely be bookmarking this page. I have an always, sometimes, never on quadrilaterals here:

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