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Count to Ten

Count to Ten is a team-building activity that I like to use at the beginning of the school year in those random five minute pockets of time that tend to pop up.

count to ten game

I usually try to share on my blog where I got the idea for an activity from, but I honestly have no idea where I first learned of this game. I assume I must have experienced it was a student, and it just stuck with me.

Count to Ten 10 Team Building Activity

How to Play Count to Ten

I start the activity by asking my students if they think they can count to ten. After all, how hard could that be?!? The twist? No talking allowed unless you are saying a number. One person in the group must start things off by saying “1.” Then, another student says “2.” If two people (or more!) say the next number at the same time, the class has to start their counting over again at 1. This always causes so many groans.

When I have used this with students, sometimes students break the no talking rule. My first period class was really struggling with this activity until a student shouted out that students should raise their hands before saying a number. I admired his critical thinking, but breaking the “no talking rule” kind of defeated the entire purpose of the activity…

I found a version of this team building activity online called Blind Count Off. They suggest having students form a circle with their backs to the center of the circle. This prevents students from being able to see each other. I like this twist, and I think I will try it out next time I play the Count to Ten game with students! .

Plus, if students are already in a circle, you could easily transition to the Thirteen Game from Julie Morgan right after students successfully counted to ten!

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