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Estimation 180 Poster

This year, I am trying out Estimation 180 in my Math Concepts class, a class for 9th graders not yet ready for Algebra 1. After two weeks of giving students the formula for percent error EVERY SINGLE DAY, I finally made an Estimation 180 Poster!

estimation 180 poster

This poster was inspired by a tweet from Lisa Bejarano.

Here’s my version of the Estimation 180 Poster. I printed the poster on 11 x 17 cardstock.

Estimation 180 Poster in High School Math Classroom Decorations

Want a copy of my Greek Alphabet Poster as well?

Free Download of Estimation 180 Poster

Estimation 180 Poster (PDF) (657 downloads )

Estimation 180 Poster (Editable Publisher File ZIP) (657 downloads )

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