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5 Free Printable Trigonometry Posters

Teaching trig? Check out these 5 free printable trigonometry posters that I have made for my pre-calculus classroom over the years. They are each available as a downloadable PDF file.

free printable trigonometry posters

Unit Circle Display

unit circle magnets in high school precalculus classroom 

I created these unit circle magnets to use with my dry erase magnetic unit circle from EAI Education. I plan to use the magnets both as a way to have a large unit circle on the wall of my classroom and for various activities throughout the year.

Trig Functions Posters

trig functions posters with basic trig functions and reciprocal trig functions

I created these trig functions posters a few years ago when I was teaching a year-long trigonometry course. I created separate posters for the three basic trig functions and the three reciprocal trig functions. I designed these posters to print on 11 x 17 cardstock.

Parts of a Right Triangle Poster

I created this Parts of a Right Triangle poster several years ago when I was teaching trigonometry. I wanted to emphasize the vocabulary words for adjacent, opposite, and hypotenuse before we jumped into right triangle trig. I designed this parts of a right triangle poster to print on 11 x 17 cardstock.


SOH CAH TOA. The mnemonic device that sums up the majority of the population’s knowledge of right triangle trigonometry. Today I want to share a free download of a SOH CAH TOA Poster I made for my own classroom.

Pythagorean Triple Posters

I created this set of free printable pythagorean triple posters to help decorate my classroom whenever I am teaching trig. Students always appreciate the posters when we are working through our geometry review unit.