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8 Activities for Introducing Logarithms

Check out these hands-on and interactive activities for introducing logarithms. Some of my students’ favorite logarithm activities include log war, logarithm bingo, and log speed dating.

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logarithm activities

Logarithm Speed Dating Activity

I learned about logarithm speed dating from Amy Gruen who refers to it as “Super Speedy Quiztastic Fun.” I printed off Amy’s log flash cards. There were two levels of questions, so I printed them on two colors of card stock and laminated them.  

logarithm activities

Logarithm Bingo Activity

I learned about this logarithm bingo activity (MATHO) after a student asked if we could play log bingo after playing a game of log war. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eI had to do some googling to see if it existed. It did, and it was a huge hit with my students!

logarithm activities

Log War Activity for Practicing Logarithms

To give my Algebra 2 students much-needed practice with logarithms, we played log war. I printed and laminated decks of logarithm war cards.  There are many different sets of log cards available online to download.  I chose a deck created by Lisa Henry.

logarithm activities

Converting Between Exponential and Logarithmic Form Foldable

I created this converting between exponential form and logarithmic form foldable for my Algebra 2 students to glue in their interactive notebooks.

logarithm activities

Logarithm Tarsia Puzzle Activity

I used this logarithm tarsia puzzle (also know as a square puzzle) with my Algebra 2 students. We glued our finished results in our Algebra 2 interactive notebooks.

logarithm activities

Logarithms Foldable

Today I’m sharing a logarithms foldable I created for my students to glue in their algebra interactive notebooks. I also share a helpful log loop trick.

logarithm activities

Swap Two – A Logarithms Task

Harry Ou0026rsquo;Malley shares a lovely logarithms task called u0026ldquo;Swap Two.u0026rdquo; The expression below has three digits. Swap the position of two of the digits to make an expression with: 1) the highest value or 2) the lowest value.

logarithm activities

Earthquakes and Explosions – a Logarithms Problem Based Assessment (PBA)

Several years ago, a summer workshop I was part of was centered around learning to write problem based assessments for math class. The group I was in was tasked with writing an Algebra 2 level PBA. My group chose to write our assessment over logarithms. Here’s the Logarithms Problem Based Assessment that my group came up with.


Monday 11th of January 2021

I'm really touched that you "stole" my mnemonic device! It puts a smile on my face to see my idea in your compilation. Sending you love from one math educator to another as we keep the faith during these exceptional times!!


Monday 28th of October 2019

Hello! I really enjoyed that you had multiple engaging activities that work for one topic. I generally find myself coming up with only one "fun" activity for each topic. This can get a bit boring because I feel like I am just giving worksheets because I want them to have a general idea of the topic before I set them out on their own. I really wish I had read this a couple weeks ago when we were covering logarithms. But these games seem like they could be adapted to fit whatever topic you are covering. This makes them more flexible than other games I have played in class. It also means that we could play these games throughout the year and get a bit of a learning curve.


Tuesday 28th of May 2019

thank you! I am working on this as geometry prep, this this was the first site I found that could explain logarithmic functions in a way i could understand


Sunday 24th of March 2019

Love all of these resources for logarithms! This is actually one of my favorite units to teach and I am very excited to incorporate some of your ideas into my lessons this year! I would also love to have a copy of the log wars and speed dating with logarithms activities. Thank you!


Friday 22nd of March 2019

Can you please share the word solution to the Log Puzzle? "Why are ___ ____ at making ____ and keeping a ____? ___ of their ____ ____. My students really enjoyed practicing with this puzzle. It was a great resource. :)