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Monday Must Reads: Volume 79

It’s time for another volume of Monday Must Reads! I have to admit that I’m not as excited for this Monday as I am for some since it marks the official end of Spring Break. Now, it’s time for a mad rush to get through as much content as possible before summer begins in 10 weeks. Due to us having to shift multiple times from face-to-face to virtual learning, I am behind where I should be.

If you’re new around here, Monday Must Reads is my weekly-ish attempt at the amazing ideas shared by (mostly) math teachers on twitter. I find these ideas inspiring, and I hope you will, too!

Delicious Fractions Lesson

Ann Chevrier shares a yummy fractions lesson!

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Common Factors with Hula Hoops

Alison Hogben offers up a fun looking lesson on factors.

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Surface Area Cake Boss Project

Check out this fun looking “Cake Boss” surface area project shared by Heather Alexander!

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Earth in Five Images

Katerina Lopez shares a creative team building activity. Can you explain earth to an alien using only five images?

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Collaborative Christmas Ornament Project

I really like this idea from Angela Flick of having students write statement that describe one another that are put in a Christmas ornament as a keepsake.

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Bubble Gum Boxplots

These bubble gum boxplots from Miss Kauffmann look like so much fun. I would have a value of 0, though, because I have never learned to blow a bubble with bubble gum.

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Desmos Bridge Design

Scott Jennings shares a great project that combines Desmos and bridge design. I love that they are graphing equations on top of their own drawings. How creative!

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Sorted and Unsorted Counting Collections

John Golden shares some lovely photos of counting collections that are both unsorted and sorted.

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Writing Equations for Flags of Different Countries

Miss Shannon‘s students created some great projects involving writing the equations to create the flags of different countries.

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Inequality Puzzle

Here’s a lovely inequality puzzle from James Tanton.

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Pyramid Puzzle

I really like this pyramid puzzle shared by Lutterworth College.

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Thumbs Up and Peace Signs Formative Assessment Activity

Jennifer Fairbanks shares a quick and easy way to do some formative assessment with thumbs ups and peace signs.

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Digits of Pi Spiral

I really like the looks of this pi spiral from Amanda Garza for Pi Day!

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Twelve Matchsticks Puzzle

David Butler shares a matchstick area puzzle called “Twelve matchsticks.”

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Until next week, keep sharing your awesome ideas! Want even more ideas? I suggest checking out previous volumes of Monday Must Reads!

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