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Borax Snowflake Christmas Ornaments

One of my favorite ever projects was these Borax Snowflake Christmas Ornaments that I made a few years ago with my chemistry students with coffee filters. The ornaments are super glittery and sparkly in person. The pictures I took of my students’ finished ornaments really didn’t do them justice. It may be too late to …

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Conversation Hearts Lab for Valentine’s Day

My chemistry students requested that we do something fun for Valentine’s Day. We haven’t done a lab in a while, so I put together a Conversation Hearts Lab. I saw that you could do the standard Dancing Raisins activity with conversation hearts, so I decided to try it out. It turns out I should have …

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Chromatography Butterflies Bulletin Board

Before I share the chromatography butterflies bulletin board that my chemistry students created, I should make it clear that I’m teaching chemistry this year under some not-so-normal circumstances. I’m not a trained chemistry teacher. I’m not even a trained science teacher. I’m a math teacher who enjoyed chemistry in high school and was able to …

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