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Do You Need to Get Off the Escalator Poster

During the first week of school, I took a page from Sara VanDerWerf’s playbook and showed my students the escalator and beagle videos mentioned in this blog post. I highly recommend you read about how Sara uses these in class. I basically copied everything she said!

do you need to get off the escalator? poster

The escalator video is especially moving. Whenever I watch it, I want to yell “GET OFF THE ESCALATOR!”

Compare this to the dedication of a beagle going after a chicken nugget.

I was inspired to create a poster to hang in my classroom to remind students of the lessons we learned from watching these videos throughout the school year.

I printed the poster on 11 x 17 cardstock.

do you need to get off the escalator poster

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  1. I did the elevator lesson at the beginning of the year before I saw your post. I had never seen the beagle video before and I love it! The semester ends this week, and I think that that my students need a reminder to get off the escalator. I look forward to showing them the beagle video and putting up your posters in my room.

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