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Things Teenagers Say: Volume 52

Join me today for Volume 52 of Things Teenagers Say. This is my regular round-up of the crazy and memorable things I hear my students say in class. 

things teenagers say

Things Teenagers Say

Basketball season is my favorite because I get my abs back.

I thought it was someone who loved me, but it was just my phone company saying “Hi.”

Me: We are about to watch my most favorite video ever.
Student: Is it a video of a chicken wearing sweatpants?
Me: That would be a no.

Whoever made this was the da Vinci of our generation.

It feels like there is a stomach monster curling up inside of me.

If you’re a slacker, then I’m a snail.

Student 1: The water in the bathroom tastes like tomatoes.
Student 2: Thank you for saying that. I told that to someone, and they thought I was stupid.

You left toast in my bed!

Does anyone else really want mesquite barbeque chips right now, or is it just me?

Mr. Carter is a line master. His lines are always perfectly straight!

Student 1: I like your twitter profile pic, Mrs. Carter!
Me: Thanks! I like it, too.
Student 2: It’s a cute picture of you. I think I’m going to make that my phone background.

Me: Are you guys glad to have a catch-up day?
Student: I prefer mustard.

Me: Does anyone have an answer?
Student: I have an eyebrow ache.

Student 1: You better act right today or we will have homework.
Student 2: I will. I’m not POed today. Do you know what POed means? Pancake Offspring.

After explaining that we need to get y by itself…
Student: Why does y always have to be single?

Student: Why are your feet more tan than the rest of your body?
Me: It’s called pantyhose. Let’s get back to Algebra.
Rest of Class: I noticed that, too!

(While discussing the job of cleaning windows of skyscrapers)
A bird
could hit you in the side, and you’d need a kidney replacement.

Student: So, how’d you end up in Drumright?
Me: They gave me a job.
Student: If I was a school, I would give you a job.

Mrs. Carter, you actually look cute today!

What did you get for Christmas? Obviously not a hairbrush.

Which mathematician figured out that if you divide by zero that the world explodes? Was it Jeff the Mathematician?

Me: What does the word linear make you think of?
Student: A linear eclipse!

Student 1: Are your yellow posters made out of 2 different colors of paper?
Me: Yes. I didn’t realize it until I laminated them.
Student 2: Don’t point out Mrs. Carter’s mistakes.
Student 3: I think we should point out her mistakes because she doesn’t make them often.

SBG Score Explanation Posters

You are a good listener. You would make a great psychiatrist.

Student 1: Your 2 in 320 looks weird.
Student 2: It’s super curvy.
Student 3: Like Mrs. Carter!

math writing on dry erase board

Student 1: What is a parallelogram?
Student 2: It’s like a pentagon but with one more side.

Mrs. Carter, is that cheese you are eating? That’s illegal.

Mrs. Carter, I started following you on twitter. You posted a picture of the back of my head and it wasn’t brushed.

Science describes math as a tool, but math is an art.

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Sunday 4th of February 2018

These are hysterical. I would have replied to the automated email, but it was a "no-reply" email address... haha. Just know that I receive these volumes in my inbox, and I die laughing every time. It's really awesome of you to point out that life happens in a classroom, not just learning :)

Vanessa P

Friday 2nd of February 2018

These are glorious!

Katrina P

Friday 2nd of February 2018

Every time I read one of these posts I think that I should start keeping a list of the crazy things I hear in my classes. Every time... One of these times I'm going to do it.

I love seeing these!