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Positive and Negative Infinity Posters

Check out these positive and negative infinity posters I created to add to my horizontal number line poster in my classroom.

School starts TOMORROW.  Well, kids come on Monday, but I have to be there TOMORROW.  I’ll also be there today, but y’all all know how that is.

Since I need to get to school and get copies made and everything ready for meet the teacher tomorrow night, today’s blog post is going to be short and sweet.

This past weekend, Math Dyal posted pictures of her classroom on her blog.  Something caught my eye even though it wasn’t meant to be the focal point of the picture.  

At the negative end of her number line, she had placed a negative infinity symbol.  My students have, for some reason I’ve never been able to figure out, always gotten confused when it came to positive and negative infinity.

positive and negative infinity posters for horizontal number line poster

So, a few minutes later, I had printed some positive and negative infinity symbols and laminated them!  


drawing of laminator machine with text "laminating recommendations"

A laminator is a MUST-HAVE for me as a math teacher! I spent my first six years as a teacher at a school with a broken laminator, so I had to find a way to laminate things myself.

I’ve had several laminators over the years. I currently use a Scotch laminator at home and a Swingline laminator at school.

I highly recommend splurging a bit on the actual laminator and buying the cheapest laminating pouches you can find!

I hung them up yesterday.  

positive and negative infinity posters for horizontal number line poster

Simple, but I LOVE them! You can learn how to download your own horizontal number line poster here.


Thursday 17th of May 2018

I really like this poster. It is exactly perfect for math school. I remember my handwriting posters in school. But nowadays everything easy with printers and printed posters are widely used. Adshel printed posters in Melbourne is widely used by the businessmen to publish business news.

Math Dyal

Thursday 18th of August 2016

Yay! But now I want these pretty printed ones instead of my handwritten ones! Good luck tomorrow - prepare to be exhausted! There is no tired like Back-to-School-tired!

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