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My Algebra 2 students completed this sketching inverses practice book in their interactive notebooks. We took notes over inverses in Unit 1.  But, I was finding that my students had forgotten how to use their calculators to sketch the inverse.  They needed more practice, so we made a new notebook page. First, we just wrote …

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My students struggle with remembering how to evaluate a function from a graph.  In the past, we’ve never taken notes over it before.  I’m not in love with these notes, but they’re a definite step up from the no notes over this topic from the previous 2 years. Download Evaluating Functions Example

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We created this function transformations foldable after students had explored function transformations using an activity I learned about this summer called Move the Monster.  I got a paper copy of the handout at the OGAP Common Core Workshop I attended this summer.  My goal was for students to discover the transformations for themselves.  Then, we …

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