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Christmas Math Activities and Puzzles

Bring some Christmas joy to your classroom or party with this collection of free printable Christmas math puzzles and activities.

Keep reading to find a variety of Christmas logic puzzles, crafts, and hands-on puzzles involving tangrams or pentominoes.

christmas math activities

12 Christmas Math Activities

Christmas Math Activities

Christmas Mystery Tangram Puzzle

This Christmas Mystery Tangram Puzzle combines two favorite math activities into one. This printable Christmas puzzle will have students both practicing plotting ordered pairs on the coordinate plane and solving a fun tangram puzzle using the resulting outline from the plotted ordered pairs.

Christmas Math Activities

Reindeer Pentominoes Puzzle

This reindeer pentominoes puzzle is the second addition to my growing collection of Christmas-themed pentominoes puzzles for the classroom. My students love pentominoes puzzles, and I think your students will love these puzzles as well!

Christmas Math Activities

Icosahedron Ornament Balls Tutorial

These Icosahedron Ornament Balls can be made using scrapbook paper or old Christmas cards. They make the perfect winter craft!

Christmas Math Activities

Checkered Ornament Puzzle

I have a new original puzzle to share with you today. Arrange the given pieces to decorate the ornament with a checkered pattern.

Christmas Math Activities

Penguin Pentominoes Puzzle

I was super excited today to share a new penguin pentominoes puzzle with my students as the puzzle of the week. Can you arrange a set of twelve pentominoes to form the shape of a penguin?

Christmas Math Activities

Reindeer Logic Puzzle

This reindeer logic puzzle is perfect for bringing a bit of Christmas cheer into your classroom. Students are given seven statements about Santa’s reindeer who have run a race. They must use logical reasoning to determine the order in which the reindeer finished the race.

Christmas Math Activities

Pentominoes Christmas Tree Puzzle

Help bring some festive puzzling spirit to your classroom with this pentominoes Christmas tree puzzle. My students love pentominoes puzzles, and I think your students will love these puzzles as well!

Christmas Math Activities

Decorate the Tree Christmas Puzzle

This Decorate the Christmas Tree Puzzle was my first ever original puzzle that I made for my classroom. Since then, it has been used in hundreds of math classrooms across the country!

Borax Snowflake Christmas Ornament.

Borax Snowflake Christmas Ornaments

One of my most favorite projects was these Borax Snowflake Christmas Ornaments that I made a few years ago with my chemistry students with coffee filters. The ornaments are super glittery and sparkly in person.

Christmas Math Activities

Math Vocabulary Christmas Ornament Project

Check out these math vocabulary Christmas ornaments that my Algebra 2 students created. Each student was assigned a different math vocabulary word that we studied during the first semester.

Christmas Math Activities

Drawing on Your Head Christmas Game

Looking for a fun Christmas game? Check out this drawing on your head Christmas challenge. The original challenge called for the participants to draw on a paper plate on top of their heads, but I switched things up and had my students draw on individual dry erase boards.

Christmas Math Activities

70 Creative Ideas for Celebrating Christmas in Math Class

Looking for even more math-y Christmas ideas? Check out this collection of ideas I put together that were shared on Twitter over the years!