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Slants Puzzles

I found these interesting looking slants puzzles from brainbashers.com.  I created a one-page introduction with the rules for these puzzles to give to my students.

In the last few days before Spring Break, a large portion of my students were gone for various reasons.  I decided it was not an ideal time to start a brand-new unit in trigonometry.  So, I went looking for a new logic puzzle to introduce my trig students to.  Many of these students have been in my math classes since they were 8th graders, so they’ve seen almost all of the puzzles I have up my sleeve.

Slants Logic Puzzles.

Then, I used my snipping tool to grab several puzzles for my students to try their hands at.

Page 1 of Puzzles:

Slants Puzzles

Page 2 of Puzzles:

Slants Puzzles

Page 3 of Puzzles:

Slants Puzzles

Some of my students got really into these puzzles.  Others, not so much.

Slants Puzzles

If I was going to use these with my students again, I would make a MUCH bigger deal about the “Loops are not allowed” rule.  Many of my students ignored this rule…

I enjoyed these slants puzzles myself.  I look forward to doing more of them in the future.

Interested in the file I created with the rules and sample puzzles?  

Digital Version of Slants Puzzles

Kathy Henderson has created a Desmos Activity Builder version of these Slants Puzzles.

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  1. How often do you use logic puzzles in your classroom? Do you spend a whole class period or just if you have extra time? I want to do more fun/puzzle type activities and just curious what it looks like in your class. Thanks!

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