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Intelligence Is… Tweet Strips

I created these Intelligence Is… Tweet Strips to get a feel on the first day of school for whether my students have a fixed mindset or growth mindset.

intelligence is tweet strips

I asked my students to write a tweet about what they thought intelligence was.  I created the hash tag #IntelligenceIs for this.  This confused my students SO much.  Maybe it was the font I used???  They thought the I in “Is” was an L.  “What is Intelligencels?”

Intelligence Is Tweet Strips to Measure Growth MIndset

I’m also pretty sure that my students are not major tweeters because they had a ton of trouble understanding the meaning of 140 characters.  In fact, one of my students even told me that twitter was not cool.  Ummm…I beg to differ.  🙂

Here’s the strips I made for my students to write their #IntelligenceIs tweets on.

Intelligence Is Tweet Strips to Measure Growth MIndset

My first year of teaching, I had my students write #MathIs tweets.  I feel like these were much more fun and enlightening to read.  But, you never know until you try something new.

The idea behind #IntelligenceIs was to see what my students thought about intelligence in regards to growth mindset/fixed mindset.  I was hoping to have time the first day to give my students a growth mindset quiz that I adapted from online, but we ran out of time.

Free Download of Intelligence Is… Tweet Strips

Intelligence Is… Tweet Strips (PDF) (383 downloads )