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Things Teenagers Say: Volume 41

A new school year means a room full of new teenagers to say crazy, off-the-wall things.  Almost all of my students are freshmen this year, so I feel like that’s even adding to the usual level of craziness I’ve become accustomed to!

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This class is like Pinterest!

Never get between a man and his glue stick!

She thinks it’s creepy because she’s never seen my forehead.

So, you’re saying I could get places faster if I just skipped?

What a student says when he’s not happy with the prize you gave him:

You could have just robbed a jewelry store and gave us diamonds.

Please do not fall.  I’ll cry!

Man!  Your cabinet makes you look like a sneaker head!

Sterilite Containers in Storage Cabinet.

Student 1: I already have my prom dress.  It’s white and gold.
Student 2: You mean black and blue?
Student 1: I hate you!

Student 1: Your mom can make some bomb pancakes!
Student 2: I know.  I live there.

I glue like a 3rd grader.

You call your car Petunia?!?  Mine is Myrtle!

You’ll learn pretty fast there’s no time to sleep in this class!

Google has all the answers.  I’m dating Google.  I’m going to name my kid Google.

That flood we had yesterday was like an inch away from biblical.

Student 1: Why are you wearing Jerusalem shoes?
Rest of Class: [Weird, Confused Looks]
Student 1: Jesus was born in Jerusalem, you idiot!

Upon realizing that I made four different versions of the quiz: 

You are smart!  You made each one of these different!

Are you trying to kill me?  Because if you are, you’re doing a terrible job of it.

Fried chicken wants to be mediocre, but it can’t.

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